Affinity is fully committed to customer satisfaction. If you still are not satisfied with some of our products, you have the right to replace it.

Once you have ordered some of our items on the Affinity website that you have determined do not suit you upon receipt, in terms of size or any other attribute, please contact us immediately.

The replacement procedure is extremely simple: Send us a completed form to replace the item to the email address

We will confirm receipt of the same and send you further instructions for replacing the item.
Your application for product replacement will be processed as soon as possible, and we will inform you in writing about the outcome (email address from which the product replacement form was received).
After you provide us with your consent for the proposed solution, we will proceed to a quick and efficient solution to your request for replacement.

You can exchange the item you bought and want to return to us for the same item in a different size or color / color combination, you can exchange it for another item of the same or higher price category with an additional charge if the new desired product is in a higher price category.

If you want to replace the item you received exclusively for the same item in another size, you can do so in the AFFINITY store at Balkanska 21, Belgrade. For all other types of replacements, please follow the procedure defined above. In case you still have dilemmas regarding the replacement of your item after reading the procedure, feel free to contact our operator at 011/362 05 07.

The basic precondition for the replacement of the initially purchased item is that it is correct, unworn, with all the associated Affinity marks / declarations. The ordered item cannot be changed if it is worn or lacks a declaration or is damaged by another type of improper use.

In case the item you want to replace with the same in another size is the last in our stock, our operator will provide you with a written proposal of possible options: replacement for the same model in another color if we have it in the desired size, replacement for another item.

If you want to replace your product due to non-compliance or if it is clearly visible on the product that it has a defect / defect and that the error was not caused by improper use, ie. by acting in accordance with the statements in the accompanying declaration, please familiarize yourself with our complaint procedure. If you are interested in your legally guaranteed rights in the complaint procedure, you can read them here. In case you have any additional questions, you can contact us in writing at our email address or Viber by calling +381 64 822 99 66.

Replacement deadline

The deadline for changing the size of the item is 14 days from the moment of submitting the request by the buyer, and after receiving the product.

Shipping costs

The costs of replacing the goods (return of the initially purchased product, delivery of a new product) are borne by the buyer, except in cases where the buyer receives a defective or incorrect item when Affinity, as seller, bears the cost of transport (return of initially purchased product, delivery of a new replacement product).

If you made a mistake when buying or in the meantime changed your mind, both in terms of design and in terms of any other attribute, you can exchange the purchased products for another item. You pay the cost of returning the initially purchased product that you want to return or replace in accordance with the price list of courier services (price lists: Daily Express for the territory of the Republic of Serbia) or local postal operators of your choice.

When delivering a new (replacement) product, the buyer on the territory of the Republic of Serbia pays the amount of postage in accordance with the price list of the courier service Daily Express.

Important: By confirming the order, clicking on the CONFIRM button, you agree to the terms of changing the size of the item and exchanging the item for another.

Note: If you are not able to fill in the online form, please write all the data from the form in writing and submit it with the obligatory attachment of the invoice / delivery note to the address Affinity d.o.o. Balkanska 21, 11000 Belgrade.

If you have any objections, complaints, objections or the like, you can always contact us at the email address or regular mail to the address Affinity d.o.o. 148 Bulevar Arsenija Carnojevica st., 11070 Belgrade.

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