In order to successfully process your order, we need your name and surname, address, e-mail and telephone. With the help of this information, we will be able to deliver the desired goods to you.

In that sense, we are only asking you for the basic information that we need to conduct “online” sales, or information that will allow us to you, in accordance with the propositions of AFFINITY d.o.o. Belgrade and good business practices, we inform you about everything that can contribute to the improvement of our service, on the one hand, and increase your satisfaction with our service, on the other hand.

Finally, all data we collect through “online” sales, including data on products that our customers seek and buy, or pages they visit, will be carefully analyzed and processed, and the same will be used to improve our offer and appearance of our site, all in order to make shopping easier, safer, faster and more convenient.

Your data is strictly kept and is available only to employees who need the data to do the job, so we undertake not to use the collected data for any other purpose, nor will we make it available to any third party. All employees are aware of the importance of data confidentiality and are responsible for adhering to this Privacy Policy.

The Consumer guarantees the accuracy and truthfulness of all information sent to the Seller and is responsible for access to its system and protection of its user information and password.

The Consumer may give consent to the Seller to inform him about his new offers, promotions and discounts on the phone number and e-mail address. The consumer can withdraw his consent at any time, by sending a request in written or electronic form, after which he will not receive the mentioned notifications.

In addition to the above, we collect, analyze and process data on the products that our visitors are looking for and buying, as well as on the pages they visit. We use this information to improve the offer and appearance of our site, and enable you to use it easier, safer and more conveniently.


Affinity greatly appreciates the trust you have placed in us. As your trusted partner for the past more than 7 years, we guarantee that we will protect the privacy of the information you provide to us.
We assume that by using our web application, you have previously read and agreed to the general terms of use and sale.
On our website, all our users can regularly monitor any changes in the general conditions of use and sale, and consequently the manner and purpose of processing the collected personal data.
Our site may contain links to other sites. They are set as a convenience to users and Affinity d.o.o. does not control or be responsible for their exposed content and privacy policies, and disclaims any responsibility if such sites contain inappropriate content, contain viruses or other harmful materials, infringe or infringe copyright.
Affinity d.o.o. is not responsible for the content of information published by users through personal comments left in the “blog” or “news” section. We reserve the right to remove any messages that contain material that we deem inappropriate, inappropriate or otherwise unacceptable. We do not consider ourselves responsible or obligated to follow the comments of the users and thus disclaim responsibility for the content of any statement, regardless of whether it arises from copyright, defamation, privacy or other.

The right to information

If you have any questions regarding the policy of protection of your privacy or how your private data is treated, you can contact us via e-mail address: or call us by phone at +381 11 362 05 07 in the period from 11:00 – 19:00 every working day.
At any time you can ask us to get acquainted with your personal data that we process, you can request their restriction, deletion, correction or transfer of data.
Affinity d.o.o. reserves the right to change the information displayed on any page of the site at any time without prior notice, as well as to make changes and additions to all terms of use.
We will publish all changes to the terms of our business, including the general terms and conditions and the processing of personal data, on our website. Our registered users will have the additional privilege of notifying them by sending the appropriate notice to the email addresses provided. However, regardless of these benefits of registered users, we ask all users to regularly read the current general terms and conditions of Affinity and, consequently, the purpose and method of processing personal data collected in the part of the website intended for that purpose. Every user, regardless of whether he is registered or not, can if he wants to be informed about our privacy policy as well as other business conditions and by direct inquiry to the email address or by calling the phone number +381 11 362 05 07 in period from 11:00 – 19:00 every working day and Saturday.

Data privacy protection

Affinity d.o.o. for the needs of efficient and secure business, it collects the following personal data: name and surname, address and place of residence, e-mail address, contact telephone number, password in encrypted form and other data entered by the user in the forms on our website The user is responsible for the accuracy of the data entered. We need the above information in order to be able to deliver the products you ordered in our online store, as well as to inform you about the current status of the purchase order. We also use the data to provide support in case you need it, in the procedures of organizing prize games, as well as in order to improve the quality of service and range that we offer to our loyal customers.
Please notify us of any changes to any personal information recorded during registration. In the event of a change of which we have not been notified, we are not able to be responsible for any shortcomings in terms of efficiency in the implementation of your order, or delivery of our products.
The information you provide to us when visiting and / or registering in our online store is stored and processed in accordance with the internal rules of business and security of Affinity d.o.o. The employees of Affinity d.o.o. are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data.
Affinity d.o.o will not provide the data entrusted to us to unauthorized third parties and will treat them in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Act. We may provide personal data to third parties only in accordance with legal duty, authorized institutions, and in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Serbia.


Affinity d.o.o uses “cookies” (Cookies) during your visits to our website to help you tailor the use of our website to your needs and to search for anything you want faster and more efficiently.
At the beginning of the visit, an individual user is assigned a session cookie to identify and track the consumer basket. Affinity d.o.o may also store other cookies on the user’s computer, such as the user identification number in encrypted form (to identify the user on the next visit). Session cookies are stored in the server’s memory only for the duration of the visit and are deleted after one hour of inactivity, while persistent cookies are stored on the user’s computer for 2 years, after which they become inactive. Our cookies cannot be used to run a program or deliver a virus to your computer. In addition, your personal data is stored only after obtaining your explicit consent or if it is absolutely necessary to be able to use and access the offered service.
Each user can delete cookies from their computer or mobile device at any time, by launching the appropriate option in your Internet browser.

Subscribe to e-news

You can sign up for our e-news with which, until revoked, we inform you about: news on offer in our online store and retail outlets, current marketing activities, discounts for loyalty-loyalty program, sweepstakes, special events that Affinity d.o.o. organizes, as well as all other current events related to Affinity d.o.o. After filling in the form, the user will receive a confirmation message at the specified e-mail address. By confirming the appropriate form until the revocation, the user remains registered on the e-news of Affinity d.o.o. (so-called opt-in approval). At any time, the user may in writing or by clicking on the Unsubscribe button in e-news or via mobile device in the form of SMS request that the personal data operator permanently or temporarily stop using his personal data for direct marketing, which will be done within 15 days the day of receipt of the request.

User registration

You can use our online store as a “Registered User” or as a “Guest”.
Registered users forward the required data during the registration process. Each registered user receives their username and password, which is secret and known exclusively to the user. It is necessary for the user to guarantee that he will manage his username and password exclusively personally, ie the person authorized by him. Each user is personally responsible for the content they post on our website. The end customer in our online store is exclusively the registered user, ie the unregistered user (guest) who buys goods for their own needs or non-profit activities. In our online store, the customer is exclusively a natural person. In case the user registers, Affinity d.o.o. will use the entered customer data, until revoked, to process the customer’s purchase order, prepare other relevant offers, as well as for marketing analysis that will help improve our sales offer. The data can also be used for repeat marketing. Affinity d.o.o. keeps the data until revoked or deregistered in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Serbia. The user can unsubscribe at any time in writing by e-mail sent to or by clicking on the Delete account button. In case the user wants to delete the user account, the e-notification must contain the following information: the subject of the message should be Termination of the user account; in the content of the message, please state the name and surname of the user, address and e-mail address to which the user registered; the message must be sent from the email address from which the user logged in as a registered member.

Shopping as a GUEST

In case the user wants to search the site or make a purchase of one of the available products without registration, such as GOST, Affinity d.o.o. will use the entered data to process the ordered purchase order.

Contact forms

The user of our website can Affinity d.o.o. ask specific questions through contact forms that are available on our site in several places or alternatively via email. The information provided by the user when making the desired queries will be used to resolve the user’s questions.
The e-mail addresses listed on the website are not personal, but business e-mail addresses of Affinity d.o.o. So, they are not related to one specific natural person, but the data submitted in this way can be processed by different persons, all with the aim of quickly and efficiently resolving the user’s issue. By sending an e-mail via the web form or to the addresses listed on that website, the user agrees to the general terms of use of our online store located at

Connection with social networks

By clicking on the icon of some of the social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. koje) located on the website of Affinity d.o.o., the user can easily access our profile on the desired social networks. In addition to our profiles, the user can also access the posts of other profiles on social networks of various contents related to Affinity d.o.o.
By clicking on one of the offered icons, the social network will provide the user with efficient and fast relevant information, all in accordance with the user’s web activities and selected preferences.

Payment security

Affinity d.o.o. for the transfer of all personal data of our users uses SSL technology, which takes care of the encryption of all information sent by the purchase order. In case you choose to pay by payment card, the payment card data entered by the user in encrypted form are transferred from the user’s computer directly to the bank’s authorization server.
When entering payment card data, confidential information is transmitted via the public network in a protected (encrypted) form using SSL protocols and PKI systems, as currently the most modern cryptographic technology.
The security of the data during the purchase is guaranteed by the payment card processor, so that the complete billing process is performed on the bank’s website.
Data verification is performed directly between the customer and Banca Intesa ad Belgrade. Payment card information is not available to our system at any time during the transaction.
Payment of all purchase orders in the Republic of Serbia is made in dinars (RSD). If the user decides to pay with payment cards of foreign Issuing Banks, the amount of the transaction in dinars will be converted into the settlement currency of the Bank (EUR) according to the exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia. When debiting your payment card, the already converted amount will be converted into your local currency, according to the exchange rate applied by the payment card operators. The price listed on the site in dinars is fixed, however, due to the mentioned conversions, it is possible that there will be a deviation from the same when you translate it into local currencies.

Personal data operator

The operator of all personal data is Affinity d.o.o., Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića 148, 11070 Belgrade. You can ask any questions about privacy and processing of personal data to the e-mail address: or call us by phone at +381 11 362 05 07 in the period from 11:00 to 19:00 every working day and Saturday. If it is more convenient for you, you can also contact us in writing at the address Affinity d.o.o., Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića 148, 11070 Belgrade.

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