On her eleven-year journey to Belgrade, Affinity tells its story to a specific audience.

Affinity sticks to combinations that emphasize Scandinavian simplicity and functionality on the one hand, as well as a touch of glamor on the other, following the wishes and demands of those women who know that wardrobe is, above all, an expression of the person wearing it.

In the Balkans number 21, brands represented – such as Second Female, Joseph Ribkoff, Gestuz, Karen by Simonsen, Saint Tropez, Bona Parte, Chrustine headwear, Cream, Fransa, Dranella – are aimed at the modern and self-aware woman who does not he hides behind his clothes but discreetly and unobtrusively displays his charm and confidence.

Perfect cuts, top materials and unexpected details make every dress, skirt or blouse a work of art, and the women who wear them leave an impression of carelessness, sensuality and subtlety.

With its Affinity range, it balances skillfully between the best and the most beautiful, without ever questioning the eternal, enchanting and irresistible harmony of a woman and a high-end garment.

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